Week #4 ~ Stitch’n Style Handbag Blog Hop CAL

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Today starts Week 4 of our Stitch’n Style Handbag CAL. This week is hosted by Janaya of Charmed by Ewe so head on over to her blog to get the instructions for the sides and handles of the bag. Let’s have fun! Next week is the final reveal! ~Maria~

If you haven’t joined the event yet, there’s still time, just head on over to the event page and join.



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Project Sweet Peas & Free Character Hat Pattern!

I belong to a wonderful group on Facebook – Elk Studio Crocheters, founded by Kathy Lashley of Elk Studio Handcrafted Crochet. There is a charity event monthly called Elk Studio-From The Heart. Anyone can join in the gift of giving by going to the linked webpage.

This month’s charity is Project Sweet Peas, organized by my dear friend, Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise. The charity has conveyed their needs and one of the requests was for “character hats”, as the loving nurses in the NICU <3 to dress up the newborn babies in their care for Halloween. So I hunted around for free “character hat” patterns – and there are a lot out there – in fact so many, I was overwhelmed. With that being said, I put my designing mind to work and with hook to yarn, came up with “character” pom-pom hats. Oh, goodness – what fun I had making these tiny little newborn hats and decided I would share my design with you as a free pattern. I encourage you to use this pattern not only for personal use, but to also make “character hats” for newborns and donate to your local NICU, as most NICUs all over the country like to dress their babies up for the fall holiday! I learned something years ago when I was making handcrafted greeting cards – since you have all the supplies at the “ready”, why not make two or three at the same sitting – this applies now to my crochet projects, too. So while you’re making one of these hats for a newborn, why not make two or three or TEN, and gift some to your local hospital’s NICU.  Your generosity would be greatly appreciated, especially by the family of the newborns staying in the NICU! Please visit the Project Sweet Peas website to learn more about how you can help in their efforts.

So without further ado, here is the free newborn “character” hat pattern.



Worsted weight yarn (“red character”-black, red, yellow, white; “pink character”-black, pink, white)

Size H hook (8/5.00mm)

Yarn needle

Fiberfill – optional



Hdc=half double crochet

Sc=single crochet


Sl st=slip stitch



  • When a number precedes the st, that number of sts need to go in the next st. When you see directions in **, that instruction needs to be worked as a set. The number in () at the end of a round is the number of sts for that round.
  • Newborn size fits head circumference 12-13”
  • Using the nearly seamless round technique inspired by Cre8tion Crochet. For the hdc using this technique, I sl st into both top loops. See the videotutorial for a visual reference.

HAT (directions for “red character”; “pink character” options below)

R1: With black start with a magic ring, hdc 10 into ring, join with sl st to 1st hdc. Tighten ring. (10)

R2: ch1, sk1, 2hdc each st to last st. Working over ch1, place last 2hdc in sk st, join with sl st to 1st hdc. (20)

R3: ch1, sk1, *hdc 1, 2hdc*, repeat ** around to last st. Working over ch1, place last 2hdc in sk st, join with sl st to 1st hdc. (30)

R4: ch1, sk1, *hdc 2, 2hdc*, repeat ** around to last st. Working over ch1, place last 2hdc in sk st, join with sl st to 1st hdc. (40)

R5: ch1, sk1, hdc each st around to last st. Working over ch1, place last hdc in sk st, join with sl st to 1st hdc. (40)

R6-R8: repeat R5. (40)


Fig. 1 working “beneath” (over) R14

R9-R13: Change color to red. ch1, sk1, hdc each st around to last st. Working over ch1, place last hdc in sk st, join with sl st to 1st hdc. (40)

R14: Change color to yellow. Ch1, sl st each st around, join with sl st to 1st sl st. (40)

R15: Ch1, turn. Working beneath R14, work 1 sc each st around, join with sl st to 1st sc. (40)- see Fig 1

R16-R20: ch1, work 1 sc each st around, join with sl st to 1st sc. R20 Finish off leaving a 36” tail for sewing. (40)

BUTTONS (make 2)

R1: With white start with a magic ring, sc 8 into the ring, sl st to 1st sc. Tighten ring. (8)

R2: sl st each st around. Finish off, leaving a 4” tail. (8)

POM POMS (make 2)

Using black, either use the green clover pom-pom maker or wrap the yarn around your palm 40-50 times, carefully remove loops from your hand. With an 8” piece of yarn, tie the middle of your wrapped loops tightly, knot to secure. Cut loop ends on either side of the tied wrap – fluff, and trim if you wish.


Fig. 2


Using your yarn needle, thread with the long yellow tail. Turn up the yellow rows and sew to the posts of R13, stuffing lightly as you go. Finish off and weave in ends. – see Fig 2

Use your tails to tie your buttons onto the red section of your hat.

Use your tails to tie your pom-poms to the top of your hat (I find the center of the hat top, insert crochet hook from inside out at the bottom of R2 and pull one tail to the inside of the hat; then repeat the process with the second tail at the bottom of R4 and tie the tails into a secure knot inside the hat and trim tails), in a position you like to represent the mouse ears.


Work the hat the same as the “red character”. On R14, change back to black and continue the remainder of the hat in the same fashion as the “red character”.


R1: With pink, ch 11, hdc 2nd ch from hook and across, ch1, turn. (9)

R2: Hdc each st across, ch1, turn. (9)

R3: repeat R2. Finish off, weave in tails. (9)

R4: Start with a long tail and then use approximately 12-18” of yarn and wind around center of bow, cross tie at the back, leaving two long tails to attach to hat.

R5: With white and using your yarn needle, make French knots for dots.

POLKA DOTS (make six)

R1: With white, start with a magic ring and work 6 sc into the ring, join with sl st to 1st sc. Tighten ring and finish off leaving a 4” tail to tie dots to hat. (6)

The same construction process used for the “red character”, is also used for the “pink character”.

*Instructional videotutorials courtesy of Cro8tion Crochet, Crochet Garden & Moogly


I hope you enjoy this free “character” hat pattern and so as not to miss anything new to my blog, why not subscribe by email and follow to keep “in the know” <3. Please feel free to share this free pattern link with friends and family; however, please do not sell this pattern and/or claim ownership, as it is copyright to The Hooked Haberdasher. I do strongly urge you to make some hats and gift them to your local hospital’s NICU. Permission to sell finished products using this free pattern is granted – kindness returned by linking back to this blog post is most appreciated :)

♥ ~ Wendy

4-step Challenge Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of The Gaucho TrailHat pattern. The 4-step challenge on my Facebook Fan Page is now closed. Thank you to all who entered and shared the 4-step Challenge!

Check the list to see if you were randomly chosen by WooBox! You have until 7/24/14 11:59 p.m. PDT to claim your prize! Email me at thehookedhaberdasher@gmail.com so I can send you your copy of The Gaucho TrailHat pattern. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.


Jess Ica D

Deb Crossin

Iretxe Aguado

Lynette Joe

Shanna Walker

AG Handmades

Tanya Williams

Nicole Eckert

Diane Schweinhagen

Darcie Ogle

Congrats, Again!

♥ Wendy

Sea Breeze Slippers & Happy Friday!

1HTslipsfbI had the extreme pleasure in testing the newly released pattern “Sea Breeze Slippers” from Pattern Paradise! And… let me tell you, I <3 them…

In fact I enjoyed the pattern so much, I not only made a size 7-8 for myself, but then made another pair (size 5-6) for my beautiful mother as a gift.

1momSBslips2When in the house, my new Sea Breeze Slippers are always donned! I really enjoyed using the houndstooth stitch pattern and the soles are doubled for extra padding and comfort. The pattern is written with left and right slippers for added comfort and goes from a size 5 through size 11. To distinguish right/left slippers, I added yarn bows to mine and cute little pom-poms to Mom’s… I do so <3 me some cute pom-poms!

Overall, this pattern gets five out of five stars from me! Excellent job, Pattern Paradise! You can find the pattern on sale through 7/19 for the special release price in Maria’s Ravelry Shop :)

Happy Friday!

~ Wendy



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mysteryGood luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

~ Wendy

Week #3 ~ Stitch’n Style Handbag Blog Hop CAL


It’s week #3 hosted by Maria at Pattern Paradise  — Oh, and LOOK – prizes have been added! Enjoy week #3!

Originally posted on Pattern Paradise:

Welcome to week #3 of the July Crochet-Along featuring the Stitch ‘n’ Style Handbag hosted by Wendy from The Hooked Haberdasher, Janaya from Charmed by Ewe and me!

 Stitch 'n' Style Handbag by Pattern Paradise, The Hooked Haberdasher &amp; Charmed By Ewe

We hope you are having fun so far. We are excited to see your work in progress each week and are excited to announce that we will have a prize drawing at the end of the CAL after the final reveal. Details will follow, but just to tease you a little, here are the prizes. ~Maria~

CAL prizes.jpg

So let’s recap, in Week 1, Wendy hosted and shared two stitch patterns with us, the Diagonal Spike and the Ridged String Network.

In Week 2, Janaya hosted and shared another two stitch patterns, the Spatter Stitch and Boxed Puff Stitch.

In Week 3, I’ll show you how to join them to create the side of the bag.  Let’s get started.Lay out…

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Happy Birthday Mommy and a Giddy Giggle!

I am just thrilled to share with you that I joined Oombawka Designs Link & Share Wednesday last week with my Sunny’s Sunhat pattern…. and guess what…

Sunny’s Sunhat came in #1 — hence my giddy giggle.


Link & Share Wednesday is a weekly – so head on over to Rhondda’s and submit yours for week 50!

To celebrate my beautiful Mother’s 73rd birthday (the pattern’s namesake) Sunny’s Sunhat  and the pattern’s week in the spotlight of Link & Share Wednesday, the pattern will be on sale at 40% off in my Ravelry shop through July 12th midnight MDT.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

~ Wendy