Free Crochet Pattern ~ Snowlicious Slouchy Hat

So did you get a chance to watch the awesome You Tube Tutorial on the Seamless Rounds Technique by Cre8tion Crochet? If not, better get to it, cuz my new free pattern uses the technique on all but six rounds! :) This pattern is a fun one and has a few “new” to me techniques, and uses three of my favorite stitches – the half double crochet, the Herringbone half double crochet, and the reverse single crochet. Oh, and let’s not forget about the POM POM – I do so love me some pom poms! Grab your two colors of yarn and let’s get to it, shall we?!?



Worsted weight yarn approximately 250-400 yards. I used Red Heart Super Saver and Loops & Threads Impeccable
Tapestry needle

H 5.0mm hook
7-8 st = 2”
hdc 4 rows = 1.5-1.75”
Hhdc 4 rows = 1.25-1.5”
Finished          Fits          Length
S: 16”              18”             8-9″
M: 18”            20”           10-11″
L: 20”              22”           12-13″
CC=coordinating color (I used white)
dc=half double crochet
Hhdc=herringbone half double crochet
MC=main color
rsc=reverse single crochet
RS=right side of work (outside of hat)
sc=single crochet
SRT=seamless round technique
sl st=slip stitch
WS=wrong side of work (inside of hat)


Herringbone half double crochet (Hhdc) – Yarn over and insert the hook into the next stitch. Yarn over and pull the loop through the stitch AND through the first loop on the hook. Two loops remain on hook. Yarn over again and pull the loop through both loops on the hook.
Reverse single crochet (rsc) – Working left to right, insert hook in next stitch to the right, complete as sc.
Seamless Rounds Tutorial – All body rows of this pattern utilizes this technique. If you haven’t watched the tutorial yet, please do so prior to beginning your project. For hdc and Hhdc, I go into both loops to join, instead of just the BLO – watch the videotutorial and you’ll understand what I mean. Beginning with R2 of the body, you will be using the technique at the beginning and end of each row.
Carrying your yarn in the round with two colors – This pattern has a 2 or 4 row stitch pattern and color repeat. Carry your loose strand to the first stitch of each row, working over your loose yarn for the first stitch only, then drop your loose yarn. Repeat for every row, thus carrying your yarn throughout the project avoiding long strands of loose yarn. 1snowlicious-slouch-(5)

Embroidery of Snowflakes (optional) – Once you’ve finished your hat, simply use your tapestry needle and a length of your white or light yarn. Working on the WS (inside), weave in the tail of your embroidery yarn to secure. Then make a + and x on the RS, tacking all in the center with a small diagonal stitch. Weave yarn through to the next spot you’d like to place a snowflake and repeat as many times as you’d like. I staggered my snowflakes on the hdc colored stripe rows. Just remember to always weave in your yarn on the inside of the hat to the next spot, so you don’t have a bunch of horizontal long loose stitches on the WS (inside of your hat).

Pom-Pom – I used a Clover pom-pom maker for two of my hats, and the “hand wrap” method for another (wrap the yarn around your palm 40-50 times, gently removing, placing a piece of yarn in the center of the bunch, tie tightly and knot – cut the loops – and you’ve made a pom-pom.


a. When a stitch is preceded by a number without a space between the number and the stitch, work that number of stitch(s) into next stitch. Example: 2hdc = work 2 hdc into the next stitch.

b. Asterisks ** in the pattern indicate working everything in between them as a set or together. Example: *2hdc, hdc in next st* around = 2 hdc in the next stitch, 1 hdc in the next stitch – repeating the sequence for the entire row around.

c. The number in parentheses at end of row, indicates number of stitches in that row ().


This is very important: Beginning with R2 of the body, you will be using the Seamless Round Technique at the beginning and completing the technique at the end of each row – you will be working 1hdc or 1Hhdc in the “empty” space, sl st to both loops of the first stitch, ch1, etc… The ch1 at the beginning of each body round using the technique does not count as a stitch. For my hats I used white as the CC – all of the body CC rows are Hhdc; all of the body MC rows are hdc. It is totally up to you whether you want wide stripes (pink/white, aqua/white samples) or narrow stripes (purple/white). Whichever you decide to make, the stitch pattern is either two or four row repeats – hdc and Hhdc (two row st pattern/color repeat works best for the small size). The last six rows of your hat is the brim. The brim begins with a row of hdc, and then alternating with rsc rows, ending with a rsc finishing row.



R1: Begin with MC. Magic circle, ch1, 8 hdc, join to top of 1st hdc. (8)

R2: Begin the seamless round technique with this row and continue for the entire body. 2hdc in each st around. (16)

R3: *2hdc, hdc in next st* around. (24) TIP: last st will always be worked in the “empty st” of the rnd

R4:  *2hdc, hdc in next two sts*. (32)

R5: Join CC,  Hhdc each st around. (32)

R6: *2Hhdc, Hhdc in next three sts* around. (40)

R7: Hhdc around. (40)

R8: *2Hhdc,  Hhdc in next four sts* around. (48) STOP increasing here for small size and work st pattern/color changes evenly to approx.  7” length (ending with 4 rounds of Hhdc), continue to brim. Continue to R9 for next size.

R9: Switch to MC.  hdc each st around. (48)

R10: *2hdc, hdc in next five sts* around. (56) STOP increasing here for medium size and work st pattern/color changes evenly to approx. 9” length (ending with 4 rounds of Hhdc), continue to brim. Continue to R11 for next size.

R11: 1hdc each st around. (56)

R12: *2hdc, hdc in next six sts* around. (64) – this is the end of increases and results in the large size. Work st pattern/color changes evenly to approx. 11” length (ending with 4 rounds of Hhdc), continue to brim



R1: hdc around, sl st to first hdc.

R2: ch1, rsc around, sl st to ch1.

R3: working in the horizontal stitch of the previous rnd, hdc each stitch around, sl st to first hdc.

R4: repeat R2.

R5: repeat R3.

R6: repeat R2. Finish off and weave in ends.


Add snowflake embroidery

Add pom-pom

I hope you enjoy making your Snowlicious Slouchy Hat as much as I enjoy sharing with you! Don’t forget to follow, subscribe, and share, share, share… I’d love to see your hat – share with us!

♥ Wendy

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14 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern ~ Snowlicious Slouchy Hat

    • I, too, love this technique – Miss Lorene is quite clever to have come up with it. It took me a couple of practices to get it right, but boy when you do get it right – works like a charm! Thanks so much for liking my hats, Kathy <3


  1. I love it! I have a few little girls I’d love to make this for. Is there a way to print the pattern? I tend to crochet in bed at night nowhere near my computer. I need to bring a hard copy with me. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sally, the sizes are based upon head circumference. The three I made fit the following ages *purple/white= 1 year old with an 18″ head circumference; *pink/white= 7 year old with a 20″ head circumference; *aqua/white= 30 something ;) year old with a 21.5″ head circumference. Hope this helps :)


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