Friends of The Dolly Skirt & Kerchief Pattern

So a few weeks ago I released a new crochet pattern “The Miss Dolly Skirt & Kerchief”, inspired by “Miss Dolly” herself! Fond memories of watching the television program “The Grand ‘Ole Opry” and thinking to myself just how pretty Miss Dolly was. So I worked up my pattern and sent it out for testing. I love every single one of the sets my awesome pattern testers produced and today would like to showcase the beautiful results of their talents, and acknowledge each and every one of them!

Thank you to Chris, Cj, Diane, Kristin, Liz, Lori, Nondas and Sarah! Just look at the results – AWESOME POSSUM!

You can find the pattern on SPECIAL SATURDAY SALE for $4.00 today (reg. $5.50) on Ravelry by clicking on this link: “The Miss Dolly Skirt & Kerchief”  no coupon required. There is even a bonus in the pattern, as Lori designed a sweet flower pattern for her kerchief and kindly allowed me to include that in the pattern – thank you, Lori!

When you make your project, head on over to my Facebook page – The Hooked Haberdasher – and share what you hooked up for your “Miss Dolly”!  ♥ Wendy


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