Wendy Bickford ~ AKA: The Hooked HaberdasherI was blessed with two dear Grandmothers who were wonderfully gifted and loved all the arts of handcrafting. At their knee, a wee little blonde girl learned the fine art of crochet under their wise and talented tutelage. Now that little girl has grown up and enjoys a lifestyle that affords me the time to put hooks, yummy yarns and fibers back into my hands, returning to the joy and fun of the art of handcrafted crochet. I am awed by the talent and creative patterns of modern new designers, but still enjoy the beauty of vintage patterns as well. My hands are never idle now, designing and publishing both free and paid crochet patterns. As a very detail oriented artist, I design and crochet with love, embracing the virtues bequested to me by those two beautiful Grandmothers.

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♥ ~ Wendy

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  1. Nancy

    Please explain Hair Elastic. Is it on a roll where do you buy it

    • The brand I purchased at my local Walmart was “goody” and i found them by the hair brushes and accessories – they are ponytail elastics, covered so they don’t rip your hair out — not like the old rubber bands used to. HTH <3

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