Seamless Rounds

Cre8tion Crochet has an awesomely BRILLIANT technique in this You Tube Videotutorial. I use this technique on nearly all of my beanies and hats now – works like a charm – no ugly traveling seam! Lorene is demonstrating a double crochet stitch in this lesson. I also use this technique with the half double crochet stitch; however, when joining at the end of the round, I join in both loops with the half double crochet stitch. Perfection every time!

16 thoughts on “Seamless Rounds

  1. can this be used with any stitch? sc or hdc?

    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      I don’t personally use it for sc, but I do use it for hdc when not working in a spiral 🙂

  2. Barb

    Thanks. I will try this. I have been msking beanies and having difficulty. This just might be what will make it come together.

  3. Pat

    Thanks so much for sharing! I hate the seam and I crochet lots of hats. This is one of those rare crochet revolutionizing techniques. I am thrilled to have added this to my technique arsenal.

  4. Joanie

    Hi if you slip stitch into first dbc then you are skipping second dbc ? Does this mess up your count of stitches

    • Because this technique is so unique, you do not lose any stitches unless you choose to do a decrease. Because at the beginning of the round you are chaining 1, then skipping 1 and then at the end of that round you are placing your last stitch into the skipped stitch (working over the chain 1) and joining to the first stitch – you haven’t lost any stitches 🙂

  5. Faye Ollis

    Thank you for tour demonstration. I have always disliked the seam showing on my hats that I have crocheted in the past.

    • We must thank my friend Lorene from Cre8tion Crochet – she is the genius who came up with the technique 🙂

  6. Sharon

    Great technique! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been hoping there was a way to hide the ugly seam when making hats, and you have provided it. Thanks so much!

  7. Excellent tutorial!

    • I use this technique with every hat I make now that calls for a join with the rounds <3

      • kathryn

        great technique can you tell me how many rows with increases for a 2year old and a 4 year old please I would be very greatfull if you can help me please kate

        • Kathryn, for “beanie” type hats, I use the Pi formula = head circumference measurement in inches times 3.14 and that is the total number of stitches you need in a round to fit the circumference you are trying to achieve. I also measure every row to make sure I’m on the right track :). There is a great set of measurement/size charts located here at Pattern Paradise. Hope this helps <3 wendy

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