Week #1 ~ Stitch’n Style Handbag Blog Hop CAL

1-1&2-sqRwpWelcome to the first week of our July Crochet-Along Blog Hop. If you haven’t joined the event on Facebook yet, Follow this link July Stitch’n Style Handbag CAL Blog Hop. This week you will begin your CAL by crocheting up blocks in two different stitch patterns – the Diagonal Spike stitch and Ridged String Network stitch. You’ll need to make two of each block. Ready, Set, GO!


  • Approximately 600 yards of yarn, we used DK weight, but really you can use any yarn you want as long as you adjust the hook size
  • A 3.75mm/US F crochet hook
  • ½ yard – 1 yard of lining fabric (optional, but we recommend it)
  • Iron on interfacing strip (optional, but we recommend it)
  • Basic crochet tools such as a yarn needle and scissors
  • A good attitude and fun spirit!


  • Beg = Beginning
  • Ch(s) = Chain(s)
  • Dc =Double crochet
  • Dec = decrease
  • PUFF st = Puff stitch
  • Ldc = Long double crochet
  • LKDC = Linked double crochet
  • R = Row
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Sc= Single crochet
  • Sdc = Spike double crochet
  • St(s) = Stitches

How to read this pattern

  • Asterisks indicate to repeat stitches within the ** as instructed.
  • Parentheses () at the end of a round = total sts for that round.



Diagonal Spike Stitch

Square One (make two)

Yarn: DK, sport, category 3

Model made with Omega Sinfonia

Hook size: F-5 (3.75mm) or size needed to make gauge

Gauge: 22 st x 9 rows = 5×5”

Spike double crochet (Sdc) = yo, insert hook into same space that first dc of previous 3 dc block was worked, yo, draw loop through long and even with working row so as not to crush 3 dc block,  *yo, draw through 2 loops* twice. Find the videotutorial here for a visual reference.

R1: Ch 23 with moderate tension (rather loosely).

R2: dc 3rd ch from hook (count as 1 dc), *1 dc into each of next 3 chs, skip next ch and work 1 Sdc over it instead* repeat ** across, ending 1 dc into last ch, turn. (22)

R3: ch3 (count as 1 dc), skip 1 st, *1 dc into each of next 3 sts, skip next st and work 1 Sdc over it instead* repeat** across, ending 1 dc into top of turning ch, turn. (22)

R4-9: Repeat R3.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF – skip to SC Border for joining squares

1sq2wp Ridged String Network Stitch

Square Two (make two)

Yarn: DK, sport, category 3

Model made with Omega Sinfonia

Hook size: F-5 (3.75mm) or size needed to make gauge

Gauge: 28 sts x 18 rows = 5×5”

Find the videotutorial here for a visual reference.

R1: Ch 30 with moderate tension (rather loosely).

R2:(right side) 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, *ch 3, skip 3 chs, 1 sc into next ch, repeat** to end, turn. (29)

R3: Ch1, working into back loop only of each st work 1 sc into first st, *ch 3, skip 3 chs, 1 sc into next sc; repeat ** to end, turn. (29)

R4-18: Repeat R3. DO NOT FASTEN OFF – skip to SC Border for joining squares

SC Border For Joining Squares:

Ch1, *work 22 sc evenly to st before corner, 3sc in corner st*, repeat ** 3 more times. Join with sl st to beg sc. Fasten off.

Tip: To assist in placing the 22 stitches evenly across the square, divide the square edge into 4 sections and figure out how many stitches you’d need to have in each section to make it even – I did 5 in the first section, 6 in the next 2 sections and 5 in the final section.

Each Monday, beginning July 7th, the host (that’s me this week!) will start a post on the Facebook event page for the week’s WIP (work in progress) projects – we’d love for you to comment on those posts and add a photo(s) of your WIP, so we can all ooh and aah over them!  Also, I would be remiss in my duties as the blogger of this website, if I didn’t encourage you to click on that area to your right ———-> and subscribe to this blog 

Week #2 of the July Stitch’n Style Handbag CAL Blog Hop will be July 8th over on Janaya’s Blog - Charmed by Ewe

Happy Hooking and see you next week over at Charmed by Ewe!




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Patriotic Hatband/Headband Free Pattern


Patriotic Hatband

or Headband

Size: Fits hat/head circumference
6-12 months – 16-17”
Toddler – 18-19”
Child – 20-21”
Adult – 22-23”
Hooks: US G 5.00mm and H 5.50mm.
Yarn: 50-65 yds est; Star: Blue – 5 yds. White/natural – 2 strands 5 yds each.
Yarn needle
Dc=double crochet
Hdc=half double crochet
Sc=single crochet
Sl st=slip stitch
Special Stitch:
Picot – sc 3rd ch from hook.

HoundsTooth Band: Use H hook

R1: chain (57, 61, 65, 73), sc 2nd ch from hook, *dc 1, sc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn. *Tip: carry color or finish off every row.
R2: ch1, *dc 1, sc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn. *Tip: your stitches should be opposite of the previous row’s.
R3: ch1, *sc 1, dc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired height. Use your yarn needle to whip stitch short ends together to form band. Weave in all ends.

Star motif: Use G hook

R1: Begin with a magic ring, ch1, hdc 15 sts into magic ring. Join to top of 1st hdc with sl st. Pull magic ring tight.
R2: *ch2, sc* repeat ** around. Join with sl st to top of 1st ch. Finish off leaving a long tail.
R3: Working with two strands, attach white/neutral color in a sc st opposite of where you finished off R2. *Ch8, picot, ch5, sk 2 sc, sc* repeat ** four more times, ending with a sc into st you joined your white/neutral color. Finish off. *Tip: use your tails to tie your motif to your band.
©The Hooked Haberdasher, All Rights Reserved

This fun Patriotic Hatband/Headband & Star Motif  fits the Sunny’s SunHat pattern perfectly! Click here to add this pattern to your queue and favorites on Ravelry so you don’t lose it :)




Get Ready… July Blog Hop CAL!

Starting on July 1st, we will be rolling out the instructions weekly on each of our websites, so you will get to visit with all of us! You can also follow along by joining our Facebook Event here.

  • Week 1 – July 1st: Squares 1 & 2 (Hosted by The Hooked Haberdasher)

  • Week 2 – July 8th: Squares 3 & 4 (Hosted by Charmed By Ewe)

  • Week 3 – July 15th: Joining Squares (Hosted by Pattern Paradise)

  • Week 4 – July 23rd: Strap & Gusset; bag completion, including an optional liner. (Hosted by Charmed By Ewe; Liner Tutorial by Pattern Paradise)

  • Week 5 – July 29th: Brag Alert! Show off your amazing finished bags. (TBA!)

What you need to bring to the party:1CALbagSpls1

  • Sport weight #3 yarn, 600 – 650 yards (I used Omega Sinfonia)

  • F-5 (3.75 mm) crochet hook

  • ½ yard – 1 yard of lining fabric (optional)

  • Iron on interfacing strip (optional)

  • Basic crochet tools such as a yarn needle and scissors

  • A good attitude and fun spirit!

Come Join the event & we’ll see YOU in July!!!

~ Wendy

Look… New Hooks!


Have you ever held a handcrafted Sick ‘Lil Monkeys Bubble Hook Handle in your hands? Well let me exclaim just how wonderful they are. They are handcrafted from polymer clay and added to any one of three brands of aluminum crochet hooks; Clover, Bates or Boye. I became a Bates convert a while back and love the fact that you can order your Bubble Handles in all hook sizes on any of the three hook manufactures offered by Kelli.


 I now have in my possession G, H and I sized Bates hooks with Bubble Handles, with two more on order – F and J! I chose the option when ordering to have my handles glazed (nominal upcharge), but they do come non-glazed if you prefer.

Now not only are these Bubble Handle hooks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are also an ergonomic Godsend. I have a terribly inflamed and horribly bent DIP joint (first knuckle) of my right hand long finger, which is a condition that causes great pain and deformity. On the advice of my doctor (who also crochets), I needed to find an ergonomically handled hook and change the way I hold it. With a bit of a “relearning” curve and these marvelous Bubble Handle hooks, I am pleased to say I no longer suffer from the pain… and my joint is starting to settle down, resulting in my finger straightening back to normal – YAY! 1SLM-hooks-3

 On another note, have you ever looked at Sick ‘Lil Monkeys Mission Statement? Kelli’s organization is so wonderful. You should really do yourself a favor and read her story, the story behind…

Sick ‘Lil Monkeys!

You can find the Bubble Handle Hooks in the Sick ‘Lil Monkeys Etsy Store. She is also very active on Facebook and you can find her page here.

You know what I’ll be doing today, now that my skein of 50/50 Yak & Silk “Blue Raspberry Swirl”  from Expression Fiber Arts is in a ball!

Happy Hooking!

♥ Wendy

Happy Trails To You…

On a visit to Kauai a couple of years ago, my husband picked up a trail hat to use as a sun hat. Here in the Rockies it is very sunny. Did you know that the Denver, Colorado area gets an average of 300 days a year of sunshine? Well, they do! So hubs pulled out his trusty trail hat for our walks up here at the 9,000 foot elevation. I, of course, don my Sunny’s SunHat. Our little #9 g-kiddo needed a hat like Papa’s!

So through inspiration from Papa’s hat and what seemed like a zillion Gaucho hat images, I sat down and designed the hat. But… I wanted it to be a trail hat – so designed it so the brim sides can be buttoned “up”, and it had to have a chin tie too. Jax loves his hat and as soon as he hears “walk”, he puts on his toddler-sized Gaucho TrailHat and becomes the “sundance kid” !

The pattern works up pretty quickly with nice results. The crown and brim of the Gaucho TrailHat are extra sturdy and it offers wonderful shade. I designed the hat to be very low-maintenance, using Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton yarn. The sides have a stitch pattern that offers a nice venting effect. The pattern is sized from toddler to adult and is unisex – works up really cute in pink, too!  If you, too, would like to make a crocheted Gaucho TrailHat, you can find the pattern in my shop.


Happy trails to you, until we meet again…

♥ ~ Wendy

Sunny’s SunHat Crochet Pattern Release


I released my newest crochet pattern, Sunny’s SunHat. The summer season has arrived – YAY!!!

First a little back-story on the design of the hat. I wanted something substantial and sturdy, yet easy to keep – kind of a grab-and-go sun hat without millinery supplies and nothing that would be damaged if I wanted to fold it up and put it in my bag. So I went yarn stash diving and found my trusty Lily Sugar’n Cream and went to town making the hat, worked it up in four sizes, baby to adult, added the two removable hatbands, flower and bow (which also double as headbands, too). Sent the pattern into testing – I love my testers – they are awesome! Then it was time to name the sun hat… hmmm, I wanted a special name for this hat, so chose my mother’s name “Sunny” – and there ya go – Sunny’s SunHat!

With every size covered in the pattern, it makes a great Mommy & Me set and/or sibling hats! The brim is not super wide, yet offers nice shade.


If you’d like a copy of the pattern, head on over to the shop.

♥ ~Wendy

Really BIIIIIIIIIG Giveaway!!!

Hurry and get yourself on over to my Facebook page to enter the Really BIIIIIIIG Giveaway! There are nearly TWENTY vendors participating in this giveaway which started TODAY! Just click on the blue “giveaway” button at the top of my Facebook page and it will take you to the giveaway – there are so many GREAT prizes being offered, you’ll want to enter each one for the chance to win! I personally am offering to TWO lucky entrants a “2014 Annual Pattern Pass” to my Ravelry pattern store. What does an annual pattern pass holder receive you may ask? Well… every single pattern I release in 2014 will be gifted to the annual pattern pass holders!(pass expires 12/31/14) And I’ve gotta bunch of them releasing!

You don’t want to miss out on this one, Friends!!! Head on over to get your entries in today~giveaway ends 4/15/14. ~  Wendy 

1SLM giveawayad

Hot off the Hook and going East!

A wonderful customer ordered the Cowboy Hat, pattern by The Lovely Crow, in a size 2T-3T; now I had never made this sized hat from the pattern prior, as most orders are for “little” baby sizes. The customer sent a photo of a darling western-themed handcrafted outfit that she needed the hat to match for her little one’s two-year portraits. Whipped that one up for her just as she specified in Red Heart yarn “petal pink”. A couple of weeks later, she ordered another one for her niece who would be attending an upcoming Rodeo in Texas, specifically requesting the same sized hat in light pink, along with a concho and “leopard” ribbon, and a brown tie cord. Well, let me tell you – I had a BLAST making this little hat and love the ribbon! A couple of tinkerbell slippers later, and now my “production” list is complete and my customers are all very happy!


I’m off to Colorado tomorrow for a few months to visit my wonderful son, daughter-in-law, and sweet #9 g-kiddo :) Thankfully, here in Northern California, we are getting much needed rain – but in Colorado, they are getting snow – guess I’m packin’ my wooly-unders ;) Of course, I mailed a large box of yarn to my son’s house, not that they don’t have my usual “yarn” stores there, but you never know when you might get snowed in, right!?! LOL

Bickford family 2013

See you all in a few days with a new post about a new pattern I released last week!


Everything “old” is new again!

So back in the Eighties (seems like yesterday), standing in long lines wrapped around the stores in hopes to obtain the “kid” every kiddo wanted – A Cabbage Patch Kid, brings us to the title of this post “Everything old is new again”!

Here’s a little bit of the history of the adoptable kid, born in the “cabbage patch”:  In 1976, Xavier Roberts invented ‘Little Person’ dolls, the first Cabbage Patch Kids. Roberts was a teenager when he started the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, where people could adopt a baby (the hand sewn dolls were never called dolls) complete with adoption papers. Roberts and five friends started the Original Appalachian Artworks company to produce the dolls. The Coleco toy company liked Roberts’ ideas and began mass-marketing the dolls in 1983, under the new name of ‘Cabbage Patch Kids.

Kathy, fromElk Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs sent a customer my way who requested a “cabbage patch kid” themed hat for her little person. The game was on. I promptly dug out my trusty go-to hat pattern, and for the last 6-8 rows followed Maria’s, from Pattern Paradiseloop stitch tutorial along with her guide for Sizing & Measurements for Toddler/Kids. The base hat turned out great 1CPKhat3

Then it was time to turn to the internet to check out how to adorn the base hat and turn this little hat into a Cabbage Patch Kid theme. I really wanted to embellish the hat in a style reflecting today’s trends.

Ahhh-haaa, Boutique Hair Bows – that was the ticket! So off to You Tube land I traveled. Here is the tutorial I followed 

And here are the results of my efforts in hair bow making


Monthly I also enjoy donating crocheted items. Elk Studio-From The Heart is a group of very talented and generous ladies, and this month’s chosen charity is Halos of Hope. How fun for a little girl to receive a chemo-hat that HAS hair & BOWS – I have all my yarn lined up, along with ribbons, to make a few up to donate this month.  

Here is the finished product of “new” Cabbage Patch Kid themed hat.

1CPK theme hat1CPK theme hat2

Happy Valentine’s Day and a VERY HAPPY FRIDAY to YOU!