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WOW!!! 4,000+ Fans on Facebook – WOOHOOOIEEEEEEEE!!!

To Celebrate, I have put my Ravelry Pattern Shop on

50% off Sale!!!!


This sale begins today 09/12/2014 and runs through 09/14/02014 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

At checkout, use coupon code celebrate4k to receive 50% off your total order!

  • To receive your discount, please follow these simple but crucial steps:

  • Choose your pattern(s) and add to your cart

  • Do not choose buy now

  • Add your coupon code celebrate4k to the “apply coupon code” box (you will see your discount after adding your code)

  • Proceed to checkout

  • There is no refund for digital purchases, so following the instructions is crucial

Don’t forget, I also have free patterns in my Ravelry Shop, and you can also find those right here on the blog under the free from me tab!

Don’t miss a post, subscribe to my blog today!

<3 ~ Wendy


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Congratulations to Charmed By Ewe!!!

Charmed by Ewe has reached a milestone of 5k followers, and to celebrate there is a REALLY BIG GIVEAWAY going on over at her website! Lots of prizes to be had, but you must enter before Sunday, September 7 at midnight PDT, to be eligible for the GIVEAWAY!

This is just one of the many prizes up for grabs!


I am also participating as a sponsor in The Milestone Giveaway! Three winners will each receive a copy of my Huntress Cowl Vest pattern!

 Huntress Cowl Cross-Body Vest Crochet Pattern

Click on this link to enter! a Rafflecopter giveaway

<3 ~ Wendy

HAPPY WEDNESDAY FLASH SALE Sprinkled with Pixie Dust!

In preparation for the upcoming Fall holiday – I’ve put my darling Pixie Dust beanie pattern on sale for 50% off the regular list price of $3.99 in my Ravelry Shop – that brings the pattern to just $1.99!!!!

This flash sale begins today, 8/20 and ends on 8/24! With a sprinkle of pixie dust, fly right on over and get your pattern today – click here! And while you’re here reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog! <3


   <3 To receive your 50% off discount at checkout, use coupon code FWS199 <3


<3 ~ Wendy





Huntress Cowl Cross-Body Vest Crochet Pattern

This very fashionably functional cross-body cowl vest is really fun to make. The pattern is chalk-full of photo-tutorials and detailed garment construction. Using the suggested yarn and hooks, you TOO, can make this lovely garment!


While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog <3


Find the pattern in my Ravelry store and use coupon code FF40 at checkout to receive 40% off the regular purchase price of $6.49 for the Huntress Cowl Cross-Body Vest pattern!

Sale ends 08/17/2014.

<3 ~ Wendy

It’s TIME to PLAY the BIG HUNT – Crochet Scavenger Hunt!

Crochet Scavenger Hunt Games

Yesterday began the start of the BIG HUNT game of the Crochet Scavenger hunt - click here for all of the details! If you need a recap of the goings on click here. All of us have had so much fun putting this fabulous game together for you all! While you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, so you don’t miss a single thing! <3

There are many ways to win! There is a special Rafflecopter Game Giveaway for liking our Facebook pages click this link – winner receives an Annual Pattern Pass to The Hooked Haberdasher’s Ravelry Shop! There is another way to win by playing “Share The Game” – three free patterns of your choice from Pattern Paradise. And yet another way – the “Treasure Hunt” – the winner will receive a copy of MNE Crafts Collection, Vol 1,  e-book… and yet one more is the “Pinterest Game” with a free pattern from Danyel Pink Designs and KatiDcreations. EVERYBODY WINS – just for playing/finishing the game every player will receive 2 crochet patterns!

Here is a visual of all of the prizes!

Grand Prize


<3  Red Heart  Prize Pack

<3  Light scoop Deluxe courtesy of Crochet Street (you can read Lorene’s review of this product HERE)

<3 1 year subscription to Happily Hooked Magazine

<3 4 fall themed patterns from Acorn Tree Creations

Second Place Prize


<3 Yarn bowl from Mudcrush Pottery – winner pays shipping

<3 1 free pattern (Calliope Shawl) from Cre8tion Crochet

<3 1 free pattern (ninja set) from Simply Collectible Crochet

<3 1 free pattern (Huntress Cowl) from The Hooked Haberdasher

<3 Hermit Crab Stitch Markers & 1 manatee ink pen from The Clay Sheep

Third Place Prize


<3 2 free patterns (Criss Cross Sandals & Mermaid Tail prop) from MNE Crafts

<3 1 free pattern (cocoon) from Little Monkey’s Crochet

<3 Scissors sheep from Acorn Tree Creations

<3 Winner’s choice existing handspun/dyed yarn  from Keep me in Stitchez (winner pays shipping)

<3 1 Annual Pass to the Hooked Haberdasher

Mini-Game Prizes

Pinterest Game


Treasure Hunt Game


Share The Hunt Game


Like our Facebook Pages Rafflecopter Giveaway

Follow on Facebook Giveaway Prize

Every player WINS!

jennys patternamandas pattern

Come play Today! The game ends August 11, 2014.

<3 ~ Wendy

Crochet Scavenger Hunt Games & Prizes!


Up until now, we’ve been secretive about the games. We’ve been opening them only to those finding them by reading the posts but now… we are
telling you WHAT they are, WHERE they are and HOW you win! Check out all of the wonderful prizes you can win below by participating in super easy and awesomely fun games! Get to meet the designers and talented creators participating in these games. Visit their websites and have fun!2mapwlogourl

 First, let’s start with the first game started Tuesday. The Pinterest Game! Head on over to THIS link,  scroll through the messages to find the link to the COMMUNITY PINTEREST BOARD! You can follow the board, comment on that post with your e-mail, message me Pinterest-Game-Prize-1via the contact me button or on facebook with your e-mail and once you pin a post to the board, you’ll be entered to win one of the above prizes because there will be TWO winners!


 Second, the game of Wednesday! This game is The Mini Treasure Hunt Game and you can find it HERE. This game will send you chasing after SIX Mini-Hunt-Game1different shapes. The first person to guess all correctly wins a copy of my eBook but don’t let that deter you from playing. A SECOND winner will be chosen randomly from those of you who still play the game and get theanswers correctly!

Today’s Mini-Game, the third mini-game, is all about choosing your favorite pattern from each designer. The details for this game are pretty simple and will be a good way for you to learn the different works that those in this hunt do! Below, you will find links to their websites, ravelries or facebook pages.  Formatting is easy. Each person is in numerical order. Just list your links in the same numerical order! A winner will be chosen at random for FIVE patterns of YOUR choice from Mamachee! Check out the links below and get started! Enter your favorite pattern in numerical order from each designer in a comment post over at MNE Crafts to enter today’s game!


Here is your hopping order to play the Favorite Pattern Game!

1.MNE Crafts


3.The Hooked Haberdasher

4.Simply Collectible Crochet

5.Cre8tion Crochet 

6.The Clay Sheep 

7.Danyel Pink Designs

8.Keep Me In Stitchez

9.Pattern Paradise

10.KatiD Creations

11,Acorn Tree Creations

The BIG Crochet Scavenger Hunt starts tomorrow, August 8th! All of the designers will have a list of clues – this is where the Crochet Scavenger HUNT comes into play! Be sure to come back tomorrow to get all the details! Here are the prizes offered for the BIG hunt!




Come play and have fun with us with the Crochet Scavenger Hunt Games & Giveaways!!!

<3 ~ Wendy

Crochet Scavenger Hunt Game & Giveaway!

The game is the Crochet Scavenger Hunt hosted by MNE Crafts!

Crochet Scavenger Hunt

There are lots of prizes to be obtained – for all the details and to meet the designers and vendors participating in the Crochet Scavenger Hunt, head on over to the first post!

 The BIG SCAVENGER HUNT will begin on Friday, August 8 and run through Monday August 11th…

But now wait for it … there are Crochet Scavenger Hunt mini-pregames with GREAT prizes! There is a clue hidden in today’s post for today’s Crochet Scavenger Hunt mini-pregame = the treasure hunt! Find the first clue and you’ll be on the hunt to gather ye treasures!

Crochet Scavenger Hunt! http://www.mnecrafts.com/2014/08/crochet-scavenger-hunt-game-rules-prizes.html

One of the treasures can be found on THIS blog – but you must start from the beginning with the first clue to the first blog’s treasure – read today’s post from MNE Crafts for the clue. Remember time is of the essence! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

<3 ~ Wendy

Week #1 ~ Stitch’n Style Handbag Blog Hop CAL

1-1&2-sqRwpWelcome to the first week of our July Crochet-Along Blog Hop. If you haven’t joined the event on Facebook yet, Follow this link July Stitch’n Style Handbag CAL Blog Hop. This week you will begin your CAL by crocheting up blocks in two different stitch patterns – the Diagonal Spike stitch and Ridged String Network stitch. You’ll need to make two of each block. Ready, Set, GO!


  • Approximately 600 yards of yarn, we used DK weight, but really you can use any yarn you want as long as you adjust the hook size
  • A 3.75mm/US F crochet hook
  • ½ yard – 1 yard of lining fabric (optional, but we recommend it)
  • Iron on interfacing strip (optional, but we recommend it)
  • Basic crochet tools such as a yarn needle and scissors
  • A good attitude and fun spirit!


  • Beg = Beginning
  • Ch(s) = Chain(s)
  • Dc =Double crochet
  • Dec = decrease
  • PUFF st = Puff stitch
  • Ldc = Long double crochet
  • LKDC = Linked double crochet
  • R = Row
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Sc= Single crochet
  • Sdc = Spike double crochet
  • St(s) = Stitches

How to read this pattern

  • Asterisks indicate to repeat stitches within the ** as instructed.
  • Parentheses () at the end of a round = total sts for that round.



Diagonal Spike Stitch

Square One (make two)

Yarn: DK, sport, category 3

Model made with Omega Sinfonia

Hook size: F-5 (3.75mm) or size needed to make gauge

Gauge: 22 st x 9 rows = 5×5”

Spike double crochet (Sdc) = yo, insert hook into same space that first dc of previous 3 dc block was worked, yo, draw loop through long and even with working row so as not to crush 3 dc block,  *yo, draw through 2 loops* twice. Find the videotutorial here for a visual reference.

R1: Ch 23 with moderate tension (rather loosely).

R2: dc 3rd ch from hook (count as 1 dc), *1 dc into each of next 3 chs, skip next ch and work 1 Sdc over it instead* repeat ** across, ending 1 dc into last ch, turn. (22)

R3: ch3 (count as 1 dc), skip 1 st, *1 dc into each of next 3 sts, skip next st and work 1 Sdc over it instead* repeat** across, ending 1 dc into top of turning ch, turn. (22)

R4-9: Repeat R3.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF – skip to SC Border for joining squares

1sq2wp Ridged String Network Stitch

Square Two (make two)

Yarn: DK, sport, category 3

Model made with Omega Sinfonia

Hook size: F-5 (3.75mm) or size needed to make gauge

Gauge: 28 sts x 18 rows = 5×5”

Find the videotutorial here for a visual reference.

R1: Ch 30 with moderate tension (rather loosely).

R2:(right side) 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, *ch 3, skip 3 chs, 1 sc into next ch, repeat** to end, turn. (29)

R3: Ch1, working into back loop only of each st work 1 sc into first st, *ch 3, skip 3 chs, 1 sc into next sc; repeat ** to end, turn. (29)

R4-18: Repeat R3. DO NOT FASTEN OFF – skip to SC Border for joining squares

SC Border For Joining Squares:

Ch1, *work 22 sc evenly to st before corner, 3sc in corner st*, repeat ** 3 more times. Join with sl st to beg sc. Fasten off.

Tip: To assist in placing the 22 stitches evenly across the square, divide the square edge into 4 sections and figure out how many stitches you’d need to have in each section to make it even – I did 5 in the first section, 6 in the next 2 sections and 5 in the final section.

Each Monday, beginning July 7th, the host (that’s me this week!) will start a post on the Facebook event page for the week’s WIP (work in progress) projects – we’d love for you to comment on those posts and add a photo(s) of your WIP, so we can all ooh and aah over them!  Also, I would be remiss in my duties as the blogger of this website, if I didn’t encourage you to click on that area to your right ———-> and subscribe to this blog 

Week #2 of the July Stitch’n Style Handbag CAL Blog Hop will be July 8th over on Janaya’s Blog - Charmed by Ewe

Happy Hooking and see you next week over at Charmed by Ewe!




10,000 Followers at Pattern Paradise GIVEAWAY!

Oh my GOODNESS… Pattern Paradise has reached 10,000 Facebook fans and to celebrate the milestone, Maria is doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY on her blog. With nearly FORTY vendors participating and an AWESOME GRAND PRIZE! Hop over and join in the fun!

I am one of the vendors participating in the GIVEAWAY and TWO lucky recipients will receive an Annual Pattern Pass to my Ravelry shop! What is an annual pattern pass, you ask? Well, every time I release a pattern on Ravelry, the Annual Pattern Pass holder will receive the pattern gifted to their Ravelry library!


Don’t miss out – get over there to Pattern Paradise and ENTER!


Patriotic Hatband/Headband Free Pattern


Patriotic Hatband

or Headband

Size: Fits hat/head circumference
6-12 months – 16-17”
Toddler – 18-19”
Child – 20-21”
Adult – 22-23”
Hooks: US G 5.00mm and H 5.50mm.
Yarn: 50-65 yds est; Star: Blue – 5 yds. White/natural – 2 strands 5 yds each.
Yarn needle
Dc=double crochet
Hdc=half double crochet
Sc=single crochet
Sl st=slip stitch
Special Stitch:
Picot – sc 3rd ch from hook.

HoundsTooth Band: Use H hook

R1: chain (57, 61, 65, 73), sc 2nd ch from hook, *dc 1, sc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn. *Tip: carry color or finish off every row.
R2: ch1, *dc 1, sc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn. *Tip: your stitches should be opposite of the previous row’s.
R3: ch1, *sc 1, dc 1* repeat ** across, change color with last pull through, turn.
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until desired height. Use your yarn needle to whip stitch short ends together to form band. Weave in all ends.

Star motif: Use G hook

R1: Begin with a magic ring, ch1, hdc 15 sts into magic ring. Join to top of 1st hdc with sl st. Pull magic ring tight.
R2: *ch2, sc* repeat ** around. Join with sl st to top of 1st ch. Finish off leaving a long tail.
R3: Working with two strands, attach white/neutral color in a sc st opposite of where you finished off R2. *Ch8, picot, ch5, sk 2 sc, sc* repeat ** four more times, ending with a sc into st you joined your white/neutral color. Finish off. *Tip: use your tails to tie your motif to your band.
©The Hooked Haberdasher, All Rights Reserved

This fun Patriotic Hatband/Headband & Star Motif  fits the Sunny’s SunHat pattern perfectly! Click here to add this pattern to your queue and favorites on Ravelry so you don’t lose it :)




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